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Defiance Games: USMC Vorbestellung

Das Marine Corpse für Alien War kann bei Defiance Games vorbestellt werden.Defiance Games - Alien War USMC

The United States Marine Corps is America’s force-in-readiness and first responder throughout American space. Working closely with the Office for Colonial Affairs (OCA), the Marines secure the „beachhead“ in any interstellar conflict and pave the way for the US Army in longer-term engagements. Given this role, Marine Expeditionary Units are highly trained and capable of autonomous operations. The time-honored motto of the USMC is “Semper Fidelis” – Latin for “Always Faithful”. Semper Fi!

The USMC is a Core Force in Combat: Alien War and will receive several releases over the coming months including: USMC Infantry, USMC Hardsuits (Power Armor), Female Marines, and Heavy Weapons among others.

Die Plastikbox mit 24 Miniaturen kostet 29,95 USD, im 4er Set mit 96 Miniaturen 99 USD und im 8er Set 199 USD.

Es handelt sich um Miniaturen im 28mm Maßstab.

Quelle: Defiance Games


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