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Bolt Action: R35 Panzer und Granit H25

Bolt Action ergänzen ihre Fahrzeugpalette um einen Renault R35 Panzer und einen Phänomen Granit H25 LKW.

Bolt Action - Renault R35 Tank Bolt Action - Renault R35 Tank Bolt Action - Renault R35 Tank

Designed in 1933 and produced from 1936, the Renault R35 was intended as a light infantry support tank, equipping autonomous tank battalions, that would be allocated to individual infantry divisions to assist them in executing offensive operations. It was relatively well-armoured but slow and lacking a good antitank-capacity, fitted with a short 37 mm gun.

Bolt Action - Phänomen Granit H25 Bolt Action - Phänomen Granit H25

The Phanomen Granit H25 did sterling work for the forces of the Third Reich and was a durable workhorse and an ideal transport for early war Germans be they advancing into France, Poland or the Low Countries. Also to be found in North Africa and throughout the war in Russia and North West Europe this model will appeal to all German players no matter where or when they are taking to the field of battle!

Es handelt sich um Fahrzeuge im 28mm Maßstab aus Resin mit Zinnanbauteilen.

Warlord Games Produkte sind in Deutschland unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy In erhältlich.

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