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Bolt Action: Französische Panzer R29 und Char B1

Bolt Action ergänzt die französischen Streitkräfte um den Renault R29 und Char B1.

Bolt Action - French Renault R39 Tank Bolt Action - French Renault R39 Tank

The R39 is a variant of the R35 but armed with the heavier 37mm SA38 L/33 gun allowing it to operate in an anti-tank capacity.

Bolt Action - French Char B1 Bolt Action - French Char B1

The Char B1 bis was an upgraded variant of the Char B1 with thicker armour and an APX4 turret with a longer-barrelled (L/32) 47 mm SA 35 gun, to give the tank a real anti-tank capacity. It was the main production type from 8 April 1937 until June 1940. It was designed as a break-through tank, with trench crossing capabilities as the French Army believed that future campaigns would be decided by dislodging the enemy from key front sectors.

To keep its larger, more powerful engine cool the Bis had its left air intake enlarged which formed a weak spot it the armour leading to reports of 37mm PAK guns taking them out at close range by firing at this intake.

After the invasion of France many of these tanks found their way into German service. April 1937 until June 1940.

Es handelt sich um Fahrzeuge aus Resin mit Zinnanbauteilen und Miniaturen im 28mm Maßstab.

Warlord Games ist in Deutschland unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy In erhältlich.

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