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Blood Bowl: Blitz Magazin #2

Die australische Blood Bowl Community Ausbowl haben die 2. Ausgabe ihres Magazins „Blitz!“ online gestellt.

AusBowl - Blitz!

Welcome back to BL!TZ magazine, the Blood Bowl e-magazine for the Australian and New Zealand communities.

In issue 2, which can be found by clicking here – http://blitz.ausbowl.com/blitz_issue_02.pdf

  • The Commissioners that presided over the biggest prize tables ever seen in Australia review their tournaments – Eucalyptus Bowl, Southern Shrike Bowl, Bushranger Bowl and MOAB.
  • We interview Jay Little, the creator of the blood Bowl Team Manager card game by Fantasy Flight Games.
  • The Chad presents his „best painted team“ from EucBowl 2011: the F.A.N.S.
  • We welcome a new sub-magazine – the Victorian Times.
  • Whitetailscarmblers presents the Muspelheim Cavern, a custom pitch.
  • We showcase past (and recent) limited edition Australian Tournament Miniatures.
  • And much more…

We also present our first (and second!) supporter prizes: a copy of the Blood Bowl Team Manager and a copy of the Lord of the Rings LCG in a bit of a Fantasy Flight giveaway to commemorate the BBTM release! Be sure to sign up by the end of October to be eligible – prizes announced on the forums at the beginning of November.

There was a point I wasn’t sure it would get to you, and it is a touch later than I would have liked, but here it is. I hope you enjoy this issue. If you are yet to subscribe, why not? Go to http://ausbowl.com/mailman/listinfo/blitz_ausbowl.com to subscribe and be notified as soon as a new issue is available.

So what are you waiting for? Go get BL!TZed.

Brett (SinisterDexter)
Chief Editor

Link: Ausbowl


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