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Black Powder: Pavlovsky Grenadiere

Warlord Games hat die Pavlovsky Grenadiere zur Vorbestellung in ihren Shop eingepflegt.

Black Powder- Pavlovsky Grenadiers Black Powder- Pavlovsky Grenadiers Black Powder - Pavlovsky Grenadiers

Following their distinguished performance at the Battle of Friedland in 1807 Russia’s Pavlovsk’s Grenadier Regiment was granted the honour of keeping their mitre-caps and inducted into the Imperial Guard.

Here we have these distinguished troops ready for you to induct into your own forces.

This box set is designed to allow you to field one regiment of Russian infantry; the variants in the box allow you to both fusiliers and grenadiers along with a command section to lead them into battle. We have also provided a selection of flags from a number of regiments so you can get them into the action right away.

For the Motherland!

Boxed set containing 4 metal and 28 plastic miniatures. Also includes Standard and Finials. And 56 metal heads so you can build them as either Grenadiers or Fusiliers. I’ll say that again – 56 heads!

Es handelt sich um Miniaturen im 28mm Maßstab.

Warlord Games Produkte sind in Deutschland unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy In erhältlich.

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