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BaneLegions: Vorschau in die Zukunft

Weiteres Artwork und eine Erklärung zum kommenden BaneLegions Skirmish gibt es von Maelstrom Games.

Our game – the name of which will be revealed over Christmas – is set within an alternate Dark Ages around northwest Europe, beginning in the year 650; it is an exciting and mystifying time in our own history (at least from our viewpoint but probably not from theirs), and – rather appropriately – it will be very dark fantasy. It won’t be for the faint-hearted, and we may even impose an 18 rating on it ourselves. It will be a game for adults and will depict many horrifying and terrible things. There will be no black and white: it will be all shades of grey.

We can tell you that within this setting there will be no Orcs, Elves or Dwarfs. They have been done to death and we are, frankly, fed up of seeing them in fantasy art, literature and gaming. Our setting is man and beast. Fucked up man and beast, but man and beast nonetheless. That’s not to say that Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs won’t feature as miniatures within the BaneLegions range, of course – because they already do.

Phew! We’re very glad you all like what we’re doing, and hopefully you guys will be as excited as we are now when it all surfaces. That’s probably enough revelatory material for one week, but before we sign off: we’ve mentioned Krull here and there, and we can confirm (barring a zombie apocalypse) he will be released before Christmas. So here’s a little sneak peek…

BaneLegions - Krull Teaser

Zu dem war man vom Feedback auf die Ankündigung der letzten Woche so überwältigt, dass man weiteres Artwork präsentiert.

BaneLegions - Talos BaneLegions - Mjagnir BaneLegions - Regemagna

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