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BaneLegions: Maßstab und Krull Teaser

Maelstrom legt zu BaneLegions nochmal nach und veröffentlicht 2 neue Krull Teaser und ein paar Maßstabsbilder.

Banelegions - Krull Teaser Banelegions - Krull Teaser

We’re so excited about the forthcoming Daniel Cockersell masterpiece that is Krull that we must keep giving you some sneak peeks… if only for our own sanity.

Und ein paar Maßstabsbilder der BaneBeasts.

Banelegions - Euryalia Scale Banelegions - Ulmons Scale Banelegions - Conjunct XIII Scale

It always seems to be the case that, despite providing actual measurements of each miniature we make, you lot out in wargaming/hobby land are still a little in the dark as to how big our BaneBeasts really are. We know this because whenever we display them anywhere – typically at shows, but often in Maelstrom Games’ physical store (where you can see all the BaneLegions miniatures in the display cabinets) – we hear “Oh, he’s bigger than I thought…!”.

Weitere Bilder auf der Homepage von Banelegions.

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