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BaneLegions: Maru und Ckaarakk

Säbelzahntiger und Minotauren für die BaneLegions von Maelstrom Games.

BaneLegions - Ckaarakk BaneLegions - Ckaarakk

Even amongst the Tarvax, those foul melds of bull and man that are increasingly found in Baalor’s armies as the Destroyer moves ever southwards, Ckaarakk has a reputation for savagery and rage that none other can match. The nicks in his armour and the notches in his ax are testament to his prowess in battle, for few mortals can lay their blade upon him and even fewer can withstand the incredible strength of his blows, for Ckaarakk is by far the largest of his kind yet seen and easily the most terrifying. The pre-eminent Tain within the ranks of the Tarvax, when Ckaarakk appears in the battlelines of the Eye in the Ice, not man nor beast can fail to be intimidated, for the sight of his black armour and bloody ax and the sound of his roars and his snorts as he exhorts his bull-men to war are the heralds for the kind of slaughter upon the field of battle that few have seen before – or ever wish to see again.

BaneLegions - Maru BaneLegions - Maru

The giant beasts of the ice that live in the furthest reaches of the realm men call Thule – the Srónox, the Mammox and the Mallox, amongst others – have long been under the sway of Baalor, for the ice itself obeys his commands and such beasts live on his word; but few are as swift, deadly or as ferocious as the Feleox, the huge pantherine beasts that many call Swordteeth. They call them Swordteeth for two very good reasons – the sword-like teeth that sprout from their upper jaw, each almost two feet long and each capable of puncturing bone and armour alike. Yet Swordtooth is almost a misnomer, for it is their strength and speed that are the greatest threat to their enemies, and Maru is perhaps the quickest and the strongest, as well as the largest, of all his kind. A murderous killer in Baalor’s name, a hunter of beasts without peer, Maru stands ten feet tall at the shoulder and as long again, a huge creature by any standard, but when he is unleashed upon Baalor’s enemies in battle not shieldwall nor beast of war can stand against his ferocity and power.

Es handelt sich um Resinmodelle im 28mm Maßstab.

Beide Modelle werden ab dem 03. Dezember erhältlich sein, sind aber bereits vorbestellbar für 24,99 GBP (Ckaarakk) bzw. 29,99 GBP (Maru).

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