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BaneLegions: 2 neue Banelords

Maelstrom Games ergänzt die BaneLegions um zwei weitere Charaktere, Daachuch the Broken und Viktor cel Rău.

Banelegions - Daachuch the broken

Daachuch the Broken has been skull-bearer, a carrier of kill-trophies, for many seasons and his place within the rudimentary tribal structure of the Gabrax is held with the same iron grip as that of his Tain’s banner. A foul, despicable killer of the enemies of Brunchaath the Vile and therefore Baalor himself, Daachuch earned his name through the myriad of injuries he has taken and overcome, through the bones he has broken in the course of his long warrior’s life, and is an ironic retort to younger Gabrax who covet his position and wish he was indeed broken, that he were meat for the cooking-pots. Daachuch knows that he must fight for his place more than ever and thus he is always at the forefront of battle, earning scars and broken bones so that he can sit at his Tain’s side and enjoy the rich pickings from the weakling bands of men that are sent against the beasts of Baalor and the defenceless villages they leave behind.

Banelegions - Viktor cel rau

Viktor cel Rău may have the noble blood from the royal name he bears, but his blood is now cold and he does not bleed. He may be the hereditary ruler, the war-leader of his region, but he does not lead his people to war, nor keep them safe from harm. Viktor cel Rău has succumbed to the curse of his line, the curse that none dare speak of but all remember: the curse of immortality. The pursuit of it has ever fascinated the nobles of Ardeal and it has ever damned them, for everything has its price, and Viktor cel Rău has gladly paid it. His research, his delvings into the libraries of the cursed, only served to inspire him, and his confidantes, his friends, wished to share in the power it would give him – until he took them first. Generations of Ardeliu lived in terror and despair until the curse was lifted many years ago; they are destined to live in fear once more, for Viktor cel Rău, Vojvod of Ardeal, rules over them and will do so for a thousand generations more.

Es handelt sich um 28mm Miniaturen aus Resin.

Die Modelle kosten jeweils 8,99 Pfund und sind ab dem 5. November erhältlich.

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