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Aventine Miniatures: Phalanx veröffentlicht

Aventine Miniatures haben ihre Phalanx veröffentlicht.

Aventine Phalanx

The first packs of standing armoured pikemen have just been added to our on-line shop. Linothorax figures will be added shortly with Tarentine variants following a command pack. We have also added a Standing senior foot command pack and a pack of file leaders. This range will also include advancing Pikemen in two different stances and unarmoured variants in all poses. All figures are 28mm and will include Northstar NS102 100mm pikes and AVS13 shields. A rimless shield is in preparation and will be added as an option soon.

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BK - André

Aquen/André, Brückenkopf Redakteur. Seit 2003 im Hobby. Erstes Tabletop: Herr der Ringe Aktuelle Projekte: Infinity (Tohaa)

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