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Warhammer Fantasy: Skavenblight Gazette #10

Und kurz vor Weihnachten erscheint die 10. Ausgabe der Skavenblight Gazette.

Inhalt der 10. Ausgabe:

We know you want it, and who are we to deny the masses any longer? Issue 10 of Skavenblight Gazette has been uncaged and now wanders the tunnels. Run for your lives.

This issue we have the usual fiction pieces and Ask Seer Squeek. We also detail the history of a rising Bloodbowl Star Player and and poke our snouts into the Island of Blood miniatures. Lets also not forget the terrors of Clan Moulder with the In The Flesh monster gallery. Plus much more.

So round up your Packmaster lackeys and get after Issue 10 of Skavenblight Gazette.

Good luck. You’ll need it.

Die Skavenspieler Community UnderEmpire.net bietet das kostenlose Web Zine an.

Link: Skavenblight Gazette
Quelle: The Under Empire


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