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Wargods: Wendigo Warband Guide vorbestellbar

Crocodile Games nehmen ab sofort Vorbestellungen zu ihrem Wendigo Warband Guide an. 

Here’s an update on the current status of the Wendigo Warband Guide. I’m happy to report that the book’s writing, art, design, and layout is all complete, and it looks absolutely stunning! Des & John have really raised the bar on the illustrations in this book, as anyone who saw the promo copy at GenCon can attest!

We are about to be sent to the printers on Tuesday this week, and we should have printed copies within a month after that, so likely around November 15 if the printing goes smoothly. Yes, we are running behind our estimated schedule — the printing costs for a full-color book are VERY high, and we’ve spent the last few weeks working hard to raise the capital to get the printing completed.

If you are a customer who is eager for a copy, or just want to help us make this book a reality, PLEASE PRE-ORDER THE BOOK. Crocodile Games is a very small company, with very limited resources — we are a creator-owned company, and each project we do requires us to raise the cash beforehand — so every bit of support we get helps out in large amounts. For the customers who have already pre-ordered, thanks again for your vote of confidence, as well as your patience! We couldn’t do any of this without folks like you to help keep things going!

PRE-ORDER BONUS: As a extra bonus to the folks who pre-order, we’ll be making a PDF copy of the Wendigo Warband Guide available on Tuesday, October 12. Per-order customers will be able to read their copy first! This will be available exclusively to the customers who have pre-ordered, and once we have print copies in November, we won’t be making the PDF available any longer. Please note, our new website is not set up to handle these downloads, so we’ll be sending out the PDFs direct to the customers by e-mail within 48 hrs after placing your order.

Die Produkte von Crocodile Games und die Wargods-Reihe werden in Deutschland über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben.

Link: Crocodile Games
Link: Ulisses Spiele


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