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Urban Mammoth: Kostenloser Versand bis zum 31.12.

Urban Mammoth erweitert ihre Kostenlose Versand Aktion bis zum 31.12.2010.

Due to the continuing terrible weather in Scotland our factory is still snowed in and as a consequence mail orders have been delayed, however things are starting to move. As orders have been delayed we are going to extend our international free shipping offer until the 31st of December.

If you have already ordered please do not worry, the Royal Mail are delivering now so your orders will be with you soon.

Finally we’d like to wish all our customers the very best over the holiday period and a fantastic New Year; see you on the other side.

Urban Mammoth Produkte werden in Deutschland über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben und ist unter anderem auch bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

Link: Warheads
Link: Urban Mammoth


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