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Studio McVey: Sedition Wars angekündigt

Studio McVey hat eine neue Sci-Fi Range angekündigt, die Sedition Wars.

Studio McVey - Kara Studio McVey - Sedition Wars

The inspiration for this range comes from the Lt Kara Black miniature we released in the Limited Edition resin series. She has always been one of our favourite (and most popular) miniatures, and it just seemed she immediately had a strong character with an interesting story behind her. Indeed, the original plan was to release her as part of a vignette showing her in the heat of battle – as seen in the artwork. For one reason or another (mainly the higher cost and risk involved) we decided not to make the beast – but to come back and re-visit the idea later. When we started to think about her again, we decided to take a different approach and develop the background and universe around her into a 30mm gaming range. The end result is Sedition Wars.

Quelle: Studio McVey


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  • Cool! Das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus. Das sollte man auf jeden Fall im Auge behalten.
    Danke für die Info.

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