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Darkson Designs: AE-WWII Over the Wire #18

Eine neue Ausgabe des kostenlosen Over the Wire Magazins von Darkson Designs für AE-WW2 und AE-Bounty.

Darkson Design - AE WW 2

Issue 18 brings us the Wolves of the Reich for AE-WWII and the BANE for AE Bounty! Both have been long over due in our opinion. We can’t wait to see what players do with these lists.

Over the Wire # 18

Due to some “Halloween hackers” on Go Daddy’s servers, we delayed hosting the site on our main page; however, that’s been resolved!

Please enjoy this issue of OTW and thank you for your patience as we post this a few hours later than on our forums.

Happy Halloween,

The Darkson Designs Crew

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