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.45 Adventures: 2nd. Edition mit Regeln für Okkultismus

Im Forum von Rattrap Production hat Richard A. Johnson angekündigt, dass es in der 2nd Edition der .45 Adventure Regeln auch Okkultismus geben wird.

45Adventure - 2ed

Direkt dazu hat er auch ein Beispiel mitgeliefert:

I have not posted anything new for 2nd edition in a while, so I thought I would share a little bit about the occult in the next edition.

Broadsword Adventures was the first to use magic and though I think what I wanted was clear, the rules were overly difficult and so not used often. For 2nd edition, I wanted to streamline it a little bit while still making the use of magic not easy for the caster, but still easy for the player.

There will still be two tests like in BA. First, the model takes a Brains test. This determines whether they got the spell done correctly. Unlike BA, if you fail this test, you can still attempt the spell, but the chance of something going horribly wrong is great.

After the Brains test, the model takes a Willpower test to determine if they have the fortitude to get the magic to go live.

All magic will also have a difficulty. This will affect both the Brains and Willpower tests. Simple things like a misdirection may be simple while complex things like summonings will be difficult.

As an example:

Animate Dead (Difficulty 6): The ability to force a life back into a dead body is no simple feat. Animated flesh, with no soul, seeks only to destroy. Occult philosophers have debated the reason for this for hundreds of years but none have found the answer. When successfully cast, the summoner animates a corpse within 3″. The animated body is placed and can activate on the following turn. The caster must always have line of sight to the corpse and must use 1 Willpower point each turn to maintain control. If control is not maintained or line of sight is lost, the corpse will attack the closest living model. Control can only be regained by the caster.

If the Brains test is failed and the caster still goes ahead with the animation, then if the caster passes the Willpower test, a d10 is rolled. On a 1-6, the summoned corpse cannot be controlled and will only attack the caster. On an 7-10, the caster managed to still exert control and the corpse will act normally.

Die Okkultismus Regeln erlauben es dann, dass die Helden sich gegen Magische Zirkel und Geheimbünde zu Wehr setzen müssen. Oder alles andere was einem dazu so in den Sinn kommt, da .45 Adventures ein ziemlich offenes Regelwerk ist und dem Spieler viele Freiheiten bei der Szenariogestaltung lässt.

Die 2nd Edition soll im Dezember herauskommen.

Quelle: Rattrap Forum


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